Autumn Forest Floor

This is an organic multi material substance that I created in substance designer for a current scene that I'm working on. My idea was that I wanted to created a material that I could really get a lot of variation out of and that would be consistent.

On top of the technical parameters of adjusting color, roughness, normal intensity, AO, etc. , the material also has parameters to; Separately adjust and toggle on/off the damage and the degree of damage on the leaves
Alter the density and size of the grass and rocks
Disable the grass or leaf materials separately or both
With these extra parameters, this allows the material to be further adjusted in UE4 to create several variations to seamlessly blend into the landscape while remaining consistent.

Taylor allenstein autumn forest floor render 1
Taylor allenstein taylor allenstein autumn forest floor render 2
Taylor allenstein autumn forest material variations
Taylor allenstein forest floor autumn texture sheet allen ross
Taylor allenstein dirt graph allen ross artstation

Ground Base

Taylor allenstein leaf graph allen ross artstation

Leaf Generator